A total solution in SharePoint for all case and document management

Mattias Blomstrand, IT-project manager at the Swedish Energy Agency, calls it a paradigm shift. – We have gone from file shares to a real document and case management system in SharePoint, he explains. The idea is that the entire flow should be digital in a year.

The project began almost five years ago.  

– The main aim was to integrate our document management with our case management, explains Mattias Blomstrand. We saw that was possible with SharePoint. We have also added a number of special features. 

– In addition, we go on using SharePoint in all other documents, including internal, to get a common total solution for all document management.  

Fewer training sessions and better searchability 

The system has about 400 users and the solution gives the Energy Agency several advantages and benefits. 

– Now we can have one common and general training for all document management. If you can handle one type of document you can now handle all of them, says Mattias Blomstrand. 

– We also have better searchability. Using a central search engine, you can easily find all types of documents. I also see a major advantage with SharePoint in that we do not have to build from scratch but can instead use Lego bricks. 

Pleased with Precio Fishbone 

– The project has worked well, says Mattias. 

– We are pleased with Precio Fishbone. The challenge for a supplier in such a project is to be able to both run SharePoint from scratch and understand our business properly. It has been a long journey, five years before full operation, but it is not surprising considering that we have actually implemented a paradigm shift and gone from file shares to proper document management. 

From requirement to function 

Krister Ranta, Project Manager at Precio Fishbone, also thinks the project has gone well. 

– The Swedish Energy Agency is a very good customer, he says. They are very forward and very creative. 

– The big challenge when we began building the system in 2011 was to transfer their extensive requirements and desires to real-world functions. When it is time to get it down in the program code, everything must be crystal clear.