Semler group

After a successful collaboration with the Semler group, Precio Fishbone has been in dialogue with the communication consultant, Tommy Panduro. He elaborate on what they were looking for when they needed to find a new intranet. He also explains the collaboration between Precio Fishbone and Semler and how the implementation, launch and result ended up.

Semler is Denmark's largest mobility group. To get a better overview in what the Sempler group really entails, you can divide Semler into 5 main groups. They look like this:

We import and sell cars (and motorcycles) from the Volkswagen Group, which indicate: VW, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and Ducati. 
We have service and sales of agricultural machinery - primarily John Deere
We work with innovation, which is about future mobility solutions, which  currently consists of 3 companies Dribe, Connected Cars and Holo.
In addition, we have activities abroad
We have a range of different service features.

The challenge for Semler 

First and foremost, we were looking for an intranet that should be easy for both users and editors to use. In addition, price and quality were also an important factor that should go up in a higher unit.

Semler had no well-functioning communication channels in the past - neither when it came to management, down through the organization and across the organization.

A third challenge was, the Semler group was new on Office 365. The collaboration with Precio Fishbone was therefore a opportunity to  optimize the internal communication and the digital workplace with a new solution.

The solution 

Semler ended up choosing the Omnia solution because it was the solution where user-friendliness was the main focus. It was also the best match between the functionality and the price.

The collaboration 

“The collaboration between Precio Fishbone was very effective. We chose to get their help with the implementing parts of Office 365, which for a while was a very close collaboration,” explains Tommy. Subsequently, the course was solely about support, so that Semler could eventually stand on his own.

The result

The implementation and launch went really well and without challenges. "The more we use Omnia, the more wishes we get for tweaks and new functionalities". Tells Tommy. As with everything else, new initiatives and programs require practice before it can be mastered and become a natural part of the workday, which also is applied in the Semler case. "We turned off an old Notes reference work and forced users on board on the new intranet," describes Tommy, who also tells that the user reaction for the new intranet is positive. 

Semler has got a good angle to Office 365. As well as an intranet, with clear communication channels that can be used by management, down through and across the organization.