Privacy Policy and Cookies

Within this policy we would like to inform you about what purpose and to what extent we collect your personal information while using our website and other digital channels that Precio Fishbone AB is in control of.

The terms of this policy are valid from 2018-05-25 and until further notice. This policy will be reviewed at least once per year, whereas any affected individuals that have their personal information processed by Precio Fishbonewill be contacted and informed about any changes made to this policy.

For further questions regarding this policy, processing of personal information or having your personal information updated or corrected, please contact Precio Fishbone, Sveavägen 165, SE-113 46 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone +46 771 44 00 80. Mail:

Data controller 

Precio Fishbone, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, is personally responsible according to the General Data Protection Regulation for the processing of personal information.

The Company cares about you and your personal integrity while visiting the websites,,,,,,, and and the social media platforms that the Company uses (see a complete list under section “Links and external websites”). We are responsible for ensuring that the personal information collected by us is only used for its intended purpose. We will protect your personal information against unauthorized access and use.

Below is a summary of our obligations and your rights as a personal information provider.

Processing of personal information 

For us to be able to answer certain questions or fulfilling a request from you, certain personal information must be provided such as name, address, company, email or phone number. The information you provide us with is used to process your requests and to fulfill the service or information you have requested.

We also process data that have been registered automatically during your visit as well as information collected from our website that requires an interaction (see “cookies and logs”). 

Personal information may be transferred to companies within the Company's group, as well as to contracted local representatives. Other companies within the Group may individually be responsible in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to each service or function and according to national law applicable to such company.

Personal information might be provided to subcontractors which the Company employs to perform services, i.e. for the disclosure of financial information, invitations, recruitment, and the Annual General Meeting. Each designated subcontractor is a personal information controller for the Company. 

How long will the Personal Information be stored? 

We store your personal information as long as it is necessary to provide you with our services or if we decide there is another legitimate reason for longer storage. 

The right to store your personal information is based on the right of legitimate interest. 

Legitimate interest is based on that we will only communicate with you in your professional role and keep you informed based on the purposes below. 


  • Keep you informed by email as we add new blog posts or news to our website.
  • Send the information you request from our Knowledge Banks
  • Inform you about the activities and events that might interest you.
  • Contact you with the help you have requested.
  • Contact you about recruitment if you have applied to work with us. 
  • We also save personal information for the purpose of marketing analysis and automatic profiling based on user behavior, where your profile might be used for marketing purposes. 


By accepting this policy, you also agree that the Company uses your personal information to contact you for marketing and marketing analytic purposes. The purpose of this is to enhance the experience and optimize the quality of our services. If you for any reason wish not to receive any marketing, please contact us with the subject that you do not wish to be contacted with any promotional purposes by sending an email to or use links that we provide in email communication with you for controlling the personal information that we store. 

Your rights as a personal information provider

We only store the information that we need according to the purposes described above. As a personal information provider, you always have the right to:

  • Take note of the information we store about you
  • Change or update the information we store
  • Have your information deleted and forgotten
  • Have your information stored but no longer linked to you as a person.

You also have the right to get information about infringements in our data records by email from us. 

If you require assistance or to be informed about your rights, you can contact us by sending an email to 


The Company wants you to feel safe when providing us with your personal information, therefore we take all reasonable precautions to make sure your personal information is safe. Among other things, SSL security is utilized (about SSL). Your personal information will never be sold or transferred to other parties for other purposes than specified in this policy. 

Processing of personal information is done according to the General Data Protection Regulation. The systems we use to store your data is fundamentally adapted to comply with privacy laws in the EU. The Company only cooperates with partners that process personal information within EU/EES or companies that comply with the same level of security as EU/EES requires, an example of this is the Privacy Shield, an agreement between EU and USA.

Cookies and log files 


When you visit,,,,, and cookies are stored on your device. These are small text files that can store information such as settings on the website. They also allow tracking to follow what you do on the website. 

Most web browsers accept cookies by default, but if you do not want to utilize cookies you can change your browser settings to be notified every time a web site tries to store a cookie on your device. 

Log files 

When you are using the web from your computer or mobile device, the web server will log your interaction with the website, this log will contain basic information such as page views and IP address. The information inside these log files is completely anonymous and cannot be used to identify you as a person. 

Our cookies 

Some cookies are needed in order to navigate and use this website, these cookies cannot be turned off if you wish to use all the functionality of this website. These cookies do not store any information that can be used to identify you as a person. Some cookies are used to enhance the user experience when navigating our web page. 

Session cookies are used to identify and authenticate the user during the visit to our web page. A session cookie contains a randomly generated string (Session ID) that is assigned to the user’s device. Session cookies are used for settings and storing these user settings, such as language settings and pre-filled forms to enhance your experience while navigating our web site. 

Third-party cookies 

We use cookies for analytical purposes to evaluate and to draw statistics over the general behavior of the visitor on our website. 

For example:

  • What external websites the visitors came from
  • What search terms were used
  • What pages that are visited most frequently 
  • We gather statistics about the usage and interactions on our webpage. This information is collected to make our website as user-friendly and relevant as possible for you as a visitor. All the information that is collected is aggregated on a comprehensive level, as well as anonymous. 

Precio Fishbone websites use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar Analytical tool, Act-On as opt-in tool* and social media platforms (see “links and external websites” below). 

*By opt-in we refer to the forms that the visitors fill out to be contacted, newsletter subscriptions, invites and to obtain access to content such as documents, articles, webcasts, and webinars. The registered user's email will be linked to the IP address, that Act-On uses to recognize the user during their next visit to our website. 

If you continue to use our website without making any changes to your settings, we will assume that you are ok with our cookies. 

Links and external websites 

On the websites,,,,,, and there are links that lead to external websites and social media platforms. The Company cares about the personal integrity of you who visit the websites and the following social media platforms that the Company uses:

List of channels and links






This privacy policy does not apply to other websites or social media accounts. When visiting external websites, take part in their privacy policy before providing them with your personal information.