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Mobile apps

We build mobile solutions for people on the go – many times as extensions of existing systems.

Technology and requirement analysis are our strengths. Precio Fishbone has, for many years, been helping companies and organizations with mobile solutions and we have been most involved in the technology development that has taken place. Our extensive experience with Line of Business solutions and all kinds of development, like "back-end" and "front-end", will help you to success.


Thinking mobile and adapting IT solutions to smartphones and tablets is far from just app development for iOS and Android. We also build mobile-first web applications for companies in various industries
Which way and platform are the best and most effective depends on conditions, ambitions and goals.

Should you build a mobile app and make the system platform-dependent, or should you develop a cross-platform solution through a responsive web solution?

Keep it simple

We like to keep it simple: we analyze, build and launch. We always stick to the same workflow, from enterprise-wide projects to smaller apps. Through our experience with companies in various industries, we've gathered lots of know-how and expertise to build state-of-the-art apps and web applications for our customers, which are fully dedicated to their particular needs.

What should be considered when comprehensive information should be presented via a smaller window on a mobile? We help to map and analyze the conditions and need to propose the right choice of the way.

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