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Robotic Process Automation

With Robotic Process Automation, RPA, you can facilitate the monotonous, repetitive tasks of your employees and streamline processes. Rules-based and repetitive tasks can be significantly streamlined, which allows for more value-creating jobs and saves staff from monotonous work.

The software, the robot, becomes your digital employee who can be used for situations and tasks that have a high level of staff throughput. It can also be used to increase the quality of implementation and processes as it works entirely on a rules basis.  

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Automation's opportunities 

RPA provides a variety of possibilities and benefits: 

  • Repetitive and rules-based work tasks can be streamlined by up to 60%. It provides space for more value-creating tasks and means that staff do not have to undertake monotonous work. 
  • Increased quality because the robot follows instructions exactly. It removes the risk of errors due to stress or new staff. 
  • Increased compliance and regulatory compliance. The robot can be assigned duties to carry out checks in accordance with laws, regulations and standards.
  • Scalability and flexibility. During periods when the workload increases, the number of robots can easily be expanded, resulting in reduced pressure on staff. 
  • Better customer experience. The robot works all hours of the day and can react directly to a request or an item that an administrator would normally first handle during regular office hours. 

We will help you on the RPA journey 

Implementing RPA is like starting a journey. The possibilities are almost endless. It is therefore a case of finding a strategy and a way forward. Precio Fishbone has developed a method that means that we help you throughout the RPA journey: 

  • Workshops and seminars contribute knowledge to your organization to provide insight into the possibilities of automation 
  • Identify the appropriate processes and activities that are documented in detail.  
  • Test the concept. We program a robot to perform the first automatic processes. 
  • Implement the robot and the automated process in real life production.
  • Establish a Center of Excellence for support and maintenance that includes business, IT and us as a supplier. 
  • Develop strategies and long-term objectives for automation 

Keep the following in mind when starting the RPA journey 

  • Define what you want to achieve with RPA. What benefits do you want to see? 
  • Communicate. Be clear about what goals you want to achieve and how you look at the business tasks where automation is part of everyday life.
  • The business is responsible for RPA, but IT must be involved early. They must provide platform, security and continuity.
  • Prepare early for how the digital workforce, the robots, will be managed.
  • Involve the employees. They are experts in their duties. What opportunities do they see? What tedious tasks can be replaced?
  • Add a manager and develop a strategy for long-term automation work.

Precio Fishbone & UiPath – The obvious choice

Precio Fishbone is a certified UiPath partner, which allows us to develop solutions based on Uipath's software robots. Our DNA consists of knowledge of how to build effective applications tailored to the customer's unique needs. Uipath's technology is a tool for us to reach even further in our work with our customers' digitalization. 
UiPath has been declared market leader in RPA for two consecutive years by the research company Forrester Group. Its technology is judged to be at the absolute cutting edge, among other things, through increased support for integration with AI. 
UiPath, the leading provider of RPA, combined with Precio Fishbone's knowledge of how to build effective solutions is a combination that is hard to beat. 
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