Bike Route Planner with a focus on usability and mobility

It has never been easier to cycle in Gothenburg. With the website and the Bike Route Planner function, city cyclists can find the best route quickly and easily - via computer, tablet and mobile phone. – A very interesting and technically challenging project, says Joakim Berglund, developer at Precio Fishbone, who is behind architecture and development. 

A major challenge has been to create high user-friendliness for cyclists who use the bike route planner when they are on the move. 

In addition to the route planner producing the best route – for a journey that the user easily points out on a map – the application also produces a variety of useful data. The user is given an indication of how hilly the route is and where bike parking, pumping stations and rental bikes from "Ride and Park" stands are available. 

Real-time status of rental bikes and parking spaces 

The real-time status of the number of rental bikes and parking spaces available at the "Ride and Park" stations that are closest to the start and destination of the trip, are shown.  

– This feature is especially useful for cyclists who use the Route planner along the way", explains Joakim Berglund. 

Stayed on both budget and time schedule 

– We are very pleased with both the end result and how Precio Fishbone implemented the project, says Elin Dahlgren of the Swedish Transport Administration. They stayed on both budget and time schedule. We wanted to launch the bike route planner before the summer season when most of Gothenburg cycles, which we managed to do.