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Choosing the right platform is key to your long-term marketing strategy success

Marketers have high expectations from the tools they use for their daily creative processes. They expect a scalable, flexible, integrated, and automated technology landscape to deliver the best brand and product experiences for their customers.

Each output channel served from one single source of truth, or Connected Content Hub has its own requirements for the format of the content and the need for personalized information further increases the need for unique content.  As a result, these challenges can no longer be met manually. 

The automated creation of ever new content is the prerequisite for continuous success in the new experience economy. 

E-Papers & Guides

Immerse yourself in the world of content and digital asset management! In our e-papers and guidelines, we take an in-depth look at topics such as technology, implementation, and integration.

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Content HUB for Multichannel Marketing

The extra power for content processes


Sharedien unites what belongs together and offers access to all content elements, powerful and automated processes at top speed, and a unique user experience for all.

A DAM system with brains


Streaming, storing, searching, managing, maintaining, organizing - everyone who works with large quantities of digital assets such as images, videos, or documents on a daily basis or who has to forward them to employees, customers, agencies and the press needs it.

Along your customer journey

Thanks to the intelligent architecture, you have a whole range of touchpoints along the customer journey at your disposal - use them with the help of Sharedien to actively shape this journey.

Content par excellence

Sharedien also relies on integration in the content creation process: the smooth connection of other systems completes the pool of possible content elements that can be put together in Sharedien to form a uniform and comprehensive communication.

Collaboration & Workspaces

Collaboration has never been so easy


Predefined workspaces, Kanban boards for agile project work, transparent version controls: Sharedien is the perfect tool for collaboration with internal and external users such as agencies, press, or photographers.

Automated processes


With the integrated Business Rule Engine, you can easily define and automate your intelligent processes yourself! You don't even need any special prior knowledge - the intuitive operation of the Rule Engine is self-explanatory.

Ongoing Innovations


Sharedien continues to evolve with the goal of becoming the most powerful and comprehensive content empowerment system on the market: With the most advanced capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, Digital Rights Management (DRM), and integrations thanks to our headless architecture. Thanks to our extensive network with our technology partners, we accompany you on your way into the future!

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