A flexible cloud application for efficient certificate management 

Incert works with personal certification in the installation area and at the heart of their business is a very comprehensive register with all relevant information about all persons, certificates and companies involved. Therefore, it is essential that they have a working document management system that can be trusted. – Precio Fishbone has created a functional, flexible and cloud-adapted application that is truly "top of the line",says Incert’s CEO, Peter Rohlin. 

Peter Rohlin came to Incert from the Swedish Energy Agency in 2010 and could see then that there were shortcomings in the document management system used. 

– It was old and to some extent self-developed", he says. There were major weaknesses in the backup management and I was afraid it would crash any day. 

– We urgently needed to transform it into a safe and modern system. 

After going out to tender, the assignment went to Precio, which Peter had good experiences from his time at the Swedish Energy Agency. 

An application based on Windows Azure 

The assignment was divided into two parts: to solve the urgent problem of converting the old system into a modern one, and to create a solution that can be easily developed and expanded in stages. 

Other requests and requirements were that the solution should be flexible and serve as a relational database between people and companies. 

Precio chose to build an application based on the Windows Azure cloud feature.  

– Our role is to identify a solution that suits the customer, says Krister Ranta, Project Manager at Precio Fishbone. Azure has many benefits, including high availability and no investment cost in hardware. 

Requires fewer resources and short lead times 

Simply put, Incert has gone from a manual paper-heavy system to a web-based internal system that requires fewer resources and short lead times. 

– We have a self-service portal both for those who are certified, which they can go into and change details, and a self-service portal for the companies where those certified people work, explains Peter Rohlin.