Streamline and Automate your Business with Robotic Process Automation

Welcome to a webcast where we show you how Robotic Process Automation, RPA, can help your organization manage manual and time-consuming processes more efficient, automatically and with higher quality. Learn how your organization can free resources to focus on development and growth.

As many as half of all industries at the global level can be automated within a few decades, according to research reports surveyed by Sweden's municipalities and county councils, SKL. This, together with the coming retirement pension, means that the Swedish labor market faces a huge challenge. In some industries, there is already a screaming skills and labor shortage.

With RPA, Robotic Process Automation, you get significant opportunities to free up internal resources and manage manual and time-consuming processes efficiently, automatically and with higher quality. It allows your organization to focus on what is important - development and growth. In Trelleborg Municipality, RPA technology currently handles three-quarters of all financial aid applications.


Welcome to a webinar where we present how you can develop your organization with digital staff:

  • Opportunities with RPA

  • How are appropriate processes and tasks identified?

  • What pitfalls can be avoided and how do you succeed?

  • What is needed to create a digital employee?


This webcast is aimed at you, such as HR Manager, CFO, IT Manager or responsible or head of other business with clear processes and often repetitive tasks. The On-Demand Webinar is given in English.