Precio Fishbone expands portfolio with Sharedien Digital Asset Management

Precio Fishbone enters into a partnership with Swiss Sharedien and complements its portfolio with Sharedien DAM.

Precio Fishbone builds on its portfolio, becomes a new partner to Sharedien, and complements its portfolio with Sharedien's DAMproduct.

– "We have a successful partnership for a couple of years with Sharedien's parent company Advellence for our own digital workplace product Omnia in the Swiss market and is looking forward to deepening the partnership by being able to offer Sharedien on the Swedish market", says Christer Johansson, CEO, Precio Fishbone 

Precio Fishbone, from now on has Sharedien Digital Asset Management, one of Europe's leading DAM solutions, in its portfolio. Precio Fishbone's team of DAM and PIM specialists will cover all individual customer requirements from the consultation, development, and integration of Sharedien DAM. 

"We are pleased to partner with Precio Fishbone in Sweden to leverage future synergies for forward-looking DAM and PIM integrations for our common customers," says Sharedien in a comment. 

About Precio Fishbone: 

Precio Fishbone develops software products and SaaS offerings and tailored IT solutions that increase business performance, cost efficiency and customer value. Over the years, our many successful customer projects have given us in-depth knowledge of all types of organizations and industries. We have offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the UK, Canada and Vietnam. Precio Fishbone is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North and has 250 employees.  

About Sharedien: 

Sharedien is the world's first digital asset management system with a generic data model. With its multidomain approach, which can be applied to any data management system, Sharedien creates the foundation for "truly connected data" and becomes an integral part of network-based enterprise data enterprises. Swiss Made Excellence!

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